Union Wine Co.

Let me just say,  for anyone that checks this blog on a somewhat regualer basis,  sorry for the hiatus.  Its been a bonkers month,  which is great,  but i sort of fell off my blogging responsibilities.   And for that i am oh so sorry.   but for your enjoyment here are about 8 or so new posts to fill you in on everything i have been up to.... at least the stuff i can leagally show off at this time.  (hint,  hint... some really cool stuff will be coming soon.)

lets get started!

 i am doing a few shoots for the new branding of Union Wine Company.   The folks at the winery are really great,  and the design team is doing an amazing job as well.   My first shoot was out at their bottling plant.   Here is a sneak peak,  with a lot more images to come.


  1. yes, it is good to see that you are back. I thought you forgot about us. Keep these coming please!

  2. Love these photos