gotta love that 2nd amendment

when i showed up to shoot the owners of Olympic Provisions last week (see the "Eat Meat" post) i couldn't help but notice a few of the fellows came strapped, as they say.
turns out they were headed out to scappoose for some good ol fashioned backwoods shotgun shootin. luckily they let me tag along to shoot some photos, and a few guns as well. suffice to say, a good time was had by all. and the shots turned out amazing!


  1. Reamer, I just discovered your blog - these photos are great! Very cool to read a little bit of insight from the man behind the camera.

  2. David - found your site through Pine State Biscuits. Really enjoy your work especially this post - love the freeze frame of the shells ejecting + a little smoke from the over-under shotgun. Nice!