an open letter to Saveur Magazine

dearest Saveur,

greetings. it seems pretty obvious you would rather not deign to covering the portland food scene. yes, it was nice of you to give us, as a collective city, a quarter page mention a few months ago, blurbing on one of our finest french restaurants in the same breath as (an amazing) thai food cart as well as sundry others.

well, i dont know if you have heard of a little something called the james beard awards, but portland just took 4 of them. here are three of the recipients:

i don't mean to sound aggressive, but lets face it. since Gourmet folded, you are the best game in town.
so whata say, Saveur. get on board. GQ loves us, Details loves us, Food and Wine loves us, and the New York Times....well lets face it, they mean well but they kind of have this whole Single White Female thing going on right now (reel it in NYT, reel it in.)

so be our guest. fly on out here, meet our fine folks, enjoy our food , and then hire me to shoot it!

thank you and bon appetit,
sincerely DLR


  1. you are going to get this shoot, watch and see!!

  2. Up next...Portland, Maine.